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Company Profile

Corporate profile

Hellenic Nutrition S.A. was founded in 1999. Its head office is in Galatsi, Athens.

It is a group in which the biggest cooperatives of small to medium size supermarket owners, as well as private individuals (small to medium size businessmen) in the food industry, together with food producers and consumer cooperatives, participate and collaborate.

The foundation of Hellenic Nutrition S.A. was judged necessary so that the enterprises - members are enabled to cope with the new developments, as these were shaped with the rapid spread of the big and multinational supermarket chains. Its aim is to contribute to the growth of small to medium-sized Greek food enterprises, providing the consumer with quality services, and promoting the products of Greek producers. Thus, it centrally negotiates with the suppliers and manages the commercial affairs of its members. It also designs, produces and distributes via a network of logistic centers, its own private label products under the brand name of Eldi.
The first members (and shareholders) of Hellenic Nutrition Coop numbered 56 with 350 shops belonging to them. Today the Coop counts over 400 members with over 850 retail units all over Greece. The total turnover of the members exceeded 750 million euro in 2015, which constituted almost 7% of the total Greek food market.
Greek Nutrition S.A. participates in the Association for the Cooperation of Coops (SYNDIAS) promoting all that the cooperative economy can c.), creating a constant collaboration and strengthening of the social economy.
In 2008 it began a collaboration of strategic importance with the Greek Agriculture Cooperatives aiming at the promotion of the Greek countryside and the quality products of the rural co-operative organizations with the slogan "From the field to the shelf". Manifestation of which is the "Greek Nutrition shelf" in the shops, which exhibits a range of quality products exclusively from the rural cooperatives at particularly low prices.

Another objective of Hellenic Nutrition S.A. is the collaboration with the European institutions of social economy in the retail business, increasing its marketability as well as its strength and trying simultaneously to promote the Greek products in Europe.

In summary, the basic aims of Hellenic Nutrition S.A. are today:
Ø    the direct supply of its members’ shops with agricultural products without the mediation of a third company,
Ø    the management of sales via a network of own retail shops,
Ø    the management of products via a network of regional logistic centers,
Ø    the further growth of the range of private label products,
Ø    the improvement of agreements with the suppliers
Ø    the support of members in the field of information technology
Ø    the continuous provision of quality services for the benefit of its members.

Hellenic Nutrition S.A. has repositioned itself in the market through a clearly differentiated corporate identity which promotes the products of domestic producers, a good collaboration with the suppliers and the quality, the safety and hygiene of products that it supplies to the consumer.